Industry Leading Pay Per Call Affiliate Network Offers

A critical part to marketing pay per call affiliate offers is to ensure the tracking is setup correctly. There are several options out there including Datalot, Marchex, and others. Callbox does in fact have their own SaaS Call Tracking solution. But why we are here today is to discuss top offers.

Callbox Pay Per Call Affiliate Network contains the following super affiliate offers:

  1. Auto Insurance pay per call
  2. Health Insurance pay per call
  3. IRS Tax Debt consolidation – this is an amazing offer, highest payouts and top conversions. Consult with Callbox’s account manager to understand any offer restrictions and what you can and can not promote.

Promoting these offers is fairly simple. Try various media buying platform including push notifications which seem to be working fairly well with pay per call offers.

Lastly, of course sign up through Arabella’s referral URL so that we can get a chance to participate in the referral commission structure!